Meet the Management Team

USA Land Group’s strong management team has the right experience, infrastructure, connections and drive to execute high volume, high yield and low risk opportunities in today’s land market.

Todd Schweber


  • 10+ years in land, oil & gas, and natural resource acquisitions, brokerage and management
  • 19 years experience in capital markets
  • 10+ years in technology & digital sector
  • Expertise in all aspects of private capital transactions
  • Over $1 billion of transactions
  • Owns and operates direct response organizations with focus on mail, mobile and digital media buying

Conner Trebour

President and COO

  • 10+ years in investment and asset management
  • 10+ years in private capital markets
  • 8+ years in land and natural resource management
  • 10+ years of owning and operating private companies across real estate acquisitions and management, technology, business consulting, and venture capital
  • Over $1 billion of transactions
  • $50m+ in brokered real estate transactions

Charles Carlisle

Head of A & D

  • Masters of forestry and resource management from Clemson University
  • 20+ years of real estate success
  • 22+ years of forest and land management success
  • Over 50,000 acres managed
  • Assisting in wildlife, forest and land management by crafting cohesive plans with landowners to include prescribed fire, timber stand improvements, replanting and potential grants

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