USA Land Group provides our institutional and high net worth partners with an exceptional land investment opportunity. By aligning our interests with those of our partners, we commit to sharing both risk and reward as part of the investment team. Our principals have worked and invested with individuals, public companies, private companies, and equity funds nationally for decades.

USA Land Fund I

Provides high net worth individuals, RIAs, family offices, and other investment entities a unique vehicle for land investments throughout the entire USA. The equity fund 1) purchases undervalued land assets 2) enhances the asset value and 3) sells the assets through our extensive network of brokers, buyers, developers and builders. The properties we invest in are innately well-poised to “sell high”

Our team brings decades success in land, resource investment and development. Additionally, the managers have a nation wide network of boots on the ground resources that allows an in-depth technical understanding of market fluctuations, so there are fewer surprises

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